I’ve known Dimitri since my Freshman year of college. We were both art majors and had a ton of the same interests and classes together. He had mentioned to me one day, when I was just starting out with photography and only had a flickr account, that  he really loved my work. Since I was still trying to build my portfolio, I asked him and his then girlfriend Gwyn, to model a couples session for me. The moment I met Gwyn, I knew she was perfect for Dimitri. She is such a radiant young woman filled with love and talent. They were naturals in front of the camera.

Jump to about a year down the road and Dimitri finally proposed to Gwyn on the Great Wall of China!! –How awesome is that? When they got home from their trip, they contacted me to shoot their engagement session. It was such an easy session to shoot, since I had worked with them both before and they’re just both really easy going people. We had a blast walking through Indiana University’s college campus and driving to big, open grassy fields.

On June 9th, they tied the knot, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to capture every little detail. I wish them all the best with their new life together!

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  • Robin

    This is my favorite yet!


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